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Old Peegeos
Now the home of Peegeo’s Evans Highlake grocery was built in 1949

campgirlsbigWith its sparkling water, plentiful wildlife and comfortable distance from the bustle of Traverse City, our forest lakes area has long been a fine place to call home, as well as a choice destination for seasonal visitors.

Much of the area surrounding these beautiful lakes was once owned by Perry Hanna, one of Traverse City’s founding fathers who acquired it for the purpose of removing timber.

The land became populated with recreational users in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s sparsely at first, then in increasing numbers. It seems once people visit here they are drawn back again and again as suggested by the many active resorts and family cottages nestled in these.
You’ll find that in this little corner of northern Michigan, as here at Peegeo’s, your only a visitor once; thereafter you’ll return as a prized friend.